How much RAM is needed for a laptop with Vista ?

Answer A laptop with Vista Home Basic requires a minimum of 512MB of RAM. Laptops running the Home Premium, Business or Ultimate version require at least 1GB of RAM.Source:Vista System Requirements

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How much memory is needed for a laptop with Vista?

Most laptops with a Microsoft Vista operating system come with 1GB of memory or RAM--random-access memory. However, if you want to get optimal service, you should have at least 2GB of memory. The m... Read More »

How much RAM is needed with Vista Premium?

Windows Vista can operate with as little as 500MB of RAM. With this amount, a computer running Vista will be agonizingly slow. Microsoft recommends a minimum of 1GB of RAM for Windows Vista Home Pr... Read More »

How much RAM is needed on a Vista computer to play movies?

The only RAM requirement to play a movie on a computer running Windows Vista is the Windows Vista requirement (512 megabytes) or the media player requirement, whichever is higher. The requirement f... Read More »

How much laptop RAM is needed for the iTunes library?

Apple iTunes can run on a minimum of 256MB of RAM, although it may run a little slow. Most current computers are going to have far more RAM than this.Source:MAC world iTunes RAM