How much RAM do I have on my computer?

Answer To find the amount of RAM on a PC, click "Start," then right click "My Computer" and choose "Properties"; under Computer is the RAM amount. For a Mac, click the "Apple" menu, choose "About This Co... Read More »

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Why does too much ram slow down your computer How can you have too much?

using 4 sticks of memory causes the latency to raise a considerable amount.when you removed the 2 sticks you were able to utilize a lower latency then previous thus allowing for better performance.... Read More »

Please , what I can do. My computer is as slow as dial up! I have DSL. My son says I have to much stuff.?

I see the problem.. 256 mb RAM.. get more RAM.Install a registry remover, CCleaner, and an anti-virus software just to be careful. Your best bet is to install more RAM (if you don't know how take y... Read More »

How much damage have I done to my computer if I have 610 problems?

Did you use the free version? If so be suspect of the numbers, they are trying to sell you their product. Download AVG antivirus from it is fairly large but a free anitvirus... Read More »

How much RAM should a computer have?

Random Access Memory (RAM) determines a computer's performance since it is the working memory. One gigabyte (GB) is needed to run the latest Windows and Mac operating systems; 2 GB is recommended f... Read More »