How much RAM can my computer hold?

Answer The amount of memory a computer holds depends on the motherboard. You can check your motherboard manual or an online scanner to find out how much RAM your computer can take.Source:Crucial Memory Sc... Read More »

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Computer does not go into safe mode when I hold down the F8 key as the computer starts back up (more)?

The moment the computer begins to boot up hold down F8.If you wait for Windows to boot it will be too late.It should beep but ignore it until the option window comes up.It that does not work, than ... Read More »

How Do I Find Out How Much RAM a Computer Can Hold?

Find the motherboard manufacturer's specifications for the motherboard's memory limit. Each motherboard may have one or several memory slots, but how much it can handle depends on the motherboard's... Read More »

How much memory can a computer hold?

A computer's memory (also known as RAM) capacity is dependent on the computer's processor and operating system (OS). A 32-bit OS may have 4GB of RAM, but a computer with a greater OS can reach up t... Read More »

How many bytes of information can a 20 M RAM computer hold?

Twenty megabytes of computer RAM can hold 20,971,520 bytes of data. One megabyte is equal to 1,024 kilobytes, and each kilobyte contains 1,024 bytes. Today, computers with just 20 megabytes of RAM ... Read More »