How much RAM can an HP computer take?

Answer Depending on the model, an HP computer can take between 3 and 8GB of RAM. The operating system present may limit upgrading as well, but 3 or 4GB is the usual limit. Anything more may not be utilize... Read More »

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How much RAM will my computer take?

The amount of RAM each computer requires depends on the make and model. The information for your computer can be found in the Control Panel. Click "System" and then view the information under the "... Read More »

How much memory will 820 hours of audio CD take up in a computer?

Uncompressed, 820 hours of audio would take up 521 gigabytes of storage space, based on 16 bits per channel at 44,100 samples per second. If compressed using the lossless FLAC codec, it would take ... Read More »

How much memory does Windows Vista take on a computer hard drive?

Installing Vista Home Basic requires 15 gigabytes of free hard drive space and a minimum disk size of 20 gigabytes. All other versions of Vista require a 40-gigabyte hard drive and 15 gigabytes of ... Read More »

How much time does it take to load a Windows XP Professional system in a computer?

To install Windows XP Professional, it may take between one and two hours, including activation of the operating system and critical updates. However, you only need to be actively present for about... Read More »