How much RAM can I put in my computer?

Answer RAM that can be added to a computer can be added in various sizes. Checking your owner's manual will assist in determining the amount of RAM your computer can hold. Every computer is different in t... Read More »

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Why does too much ram slow down your computer How can you have too much?

using 4 sticks of memory causes the latency to raise a considerable amount.when you removed the 2 sticks you were able to utilize a lower latency then previous thus allowing for better performance.... Read More »

How much time do you spend on the computer / do u think its to much?

about 2-3 hours. yea its too much and im addicted to myspace but i spend an hour at school and i dont watch tv

How much RAM is needed in a computer?

The amount of RAM needed on a computer depends on what the computer is being used for. A computer that is being purchased strictly for business or video game use will require more RAM than one that... Read More »

How much could i get for my Computer?

Depending on what exactly are the 4 missing things, you could get anywhere from $150-$200 based on some comparative sales currently on ebay.…