How much DE should you put in a pool filter?

Answer For most diatomaceous earth (DE) filters, divide the filter's square feet by five. The result is the number of pounds of DE you need. Consult your manual; high-capacity filters may require more.Sou... Read More »

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How often should you replace the sand in your pool filter if replacing it causes foam in the pool?

Phosphates It sounds like you may have phosphates in the water, do you have lots of leaves or the aftermath of seeds from the trees blowing in your area, I had poplar tree seed casings white fluffy... Read More »

What kind of pool filter should you buy 12000 gallon in ground pool?

I would always go with a sand filter, most of them are very similar in the way they work and so long as you stick with a reputable brand you should have no problems.

Is it harmful if your pool filter leaks DE back into your pool?

Health Concerns of DE in pools Except for the part about checking the filter for leaks and tears, I disagree with the answer directly below.First, it is unlikely that DE expelled into a pool will s... Read More »

What should your pool filter be set on to vacuum your pool?

I use the bagged, blue roller-ring vacuum that uses a hose into the skimmer drain with a reverse suction--and at least with my system and pump/filter, I set the filter to WASTE--it bypasses the DE ... Read More »