How much B12 is safe?

Answer On One Hand: Proven BenefitsThe body needs vitamin B12 to make blood cells to maintain the health of brain cells and nerves and to help keep the cardiovascular system healthy. Vitamin B12 is a wate... Read More »

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How much xanax is safe?

im not understanding why a pregnant woman would even be taking a narcotic pain killer while pregnant?! speak to your doctor ASAP because there could be a possibily that it is affecting the unborn b... Read More »

How much alcohol is safe for us?

Well of you drink a few it is fine but only drink alcohol when in a family reunion or something but if you drink alcohol for a really bad reason don't drink. Alcohol was only created so we will fee... Read More »

How much vitamin A is safe?

On One Hand: Recommended Daily AllowanceAccording to the National Library of Medicine, Vitamin A is found in foods like eggs, liver, fruit and dark vegetables. Eating five servings of vegetables an... Read More »

How much water is safe to drink in a day?

The National Institute of Medicine explains that men should drink about three liters of water a day, or 13 cups. Women should drink 2.2 liters, or nine cups. Though it's possible, drinking too much... Read More »