How much B-17 is needed to lower blood pressure?

Answer "Laetrile" or vitamin B-17 is a drug that was used to treat cancer. One of its temporary side effects is low blood pressure. There is no recommended daily allowance of B-17 because in excess, it is... Read More »

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How much zinc is needed to lower blood pressure?

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that can be helpful in lowering blood pressure. Zinc is an essential nutrient for humans that can help lower blood pressure.DeficiencyAccording to "What ... Read More »

How much garlic do you need to lower blood pressure?

Studies performed on animal subjects have suggested that garlic may be beneficial for blood pressure control. These studies used a dosage level between 600 and 900 mg of garlic powder, which inclu... Read More »

How much can I lower my blood pressure with exercise?

According to Dr. Dean Ornish, a single exercise session can help to lower blood pressure by as much as 5 to 7 mg of mercury. Whether it is a light walk or a trip to the gym, maintaining a healthy l... Read More »

How much canola oil should be consumed to lower blood pressure?

On One Hand: Benefits of Canola OilCanola oil is widely regarded as one of the healthiest vegetable oils. According to, canola oil is low in saturated fat, high in monounsaturated fa... Read More »