How much Adderall is dangerous?

Answer Any amount of Adderall above what your physician prescribes specifically for you, is dangerous. The typical prescribed amount is between 5 and 60mg per day, broken up into several doses through the... Read More »

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Is Adderall as dangerous as coffee?

On One Hand: Adderall is Much More DangerousSuperficially, coffee and Adderall have similar stimulative effects, such as irritability, nervousness and elevated heart rate. However, Adderall, as an ... Read More »

What are side effects of mixing prozac, oxymorphone and adderall is it dangerous?

First: if you have bipolar you shouldn't take prozac and these meds sound like bipolar pills second: there aren't any due to meds combos just the meds themselves so make sure your DOC. has it right

How much of a 50 mg adderall should I take?

Just take the dosage recommended by your doctor after he had examined you and determined that you actually needed the drug.Never take a prescription drug that has not been prescribed you.

How much Adderall should one take?

On One Hand: Dosage starts low and builds incrementallyAccording to Adderall's dosage guidelines, the usual starting dose for adults is 5 mg once or twice daily. Doctors may choose to adjust the do... Read More »