How much 11 year old girl weigh in stone?

Answer 6 to 7 stone. But dont worry if you are over that weight. Everyone goes through a chubby time in their lives. Statistics show it is more likely for young girls to loose their baby fat at 13.I weigh... Read More »

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How much should a 9 year old girl weigh in stone?

How much should an 8-year-old girl weigh?

How much should a 12 year-old 5'2 girl weigh?

Anywhere from 101-136 pounds. Don't worry too much about it. You are probably fine. I know, you probably hear that a lot but I understand because I am 12 years old too and I go through this sometim... Read More »

How much should a 5'4 14 year old girl weigh?

Probably around 125 to 130. It depends on if she's built thin or has a higher bone density. Muscle also adds weight.