How might a nondiscrimination policy limit an organization's liability?

Answer Generally, a company or organization's policy against discrimination, especially if embodied in employee handbooks or rules, can act as a shield in the event that it gets sued for discrimination. T... Read More »

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Is A property or liability insurance policy a business or liability contract?

A property is not a contract or a business. A liability insurance policy is a kind of contract but not a business. the answer is b...

What is the key difference between an umbrella policy and excess liability policy?

similar - umbrella usually a personal lines excess coverage. excess liability policy could be anything. Both are designed to provide another layer of protection over and above the underlying policy... Read More »

Health & Safety Policy Organizations?

Health and safety policy organizations focus on a variety of issues, both in and out of the workplace. They are often comprised of individual businesses and organizations seeking strength in number... Read More »

What type of liability insurance can you get to lease a commercial building for personal non-business use or is an umbrella policy from your homeowners liability insurance enough for the landlord?

Umbrella policies are often written as "following form" which means it only provides coverage if your primary (i.e. homeowners policy) provides coverage. Ask your insurance agent if you need to add... Read More »