How meany type indian gravi?

Answer There are numerous Indian gravy made of different vegetables and non veg items.

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How meany words a min can you type?

about 30wpm with my hands, 11wpm with my toes, 7wpm with my tongue, and 5 wpm with my nose.My penis can type about 3wpm, but I don't know what it types - it has a mind of it's own!

What is the difference between a type 1& type 2 Indian head cent?

The difference in the Indian Head Cents is the back and composition of the coin. After the first year run of the coin, the mint used a different design for the back. The original design is known a... Read More »

How do I type the new symbol of Indian rupee ?

It is very simple. Just follow the procedure step by step:1) Go to the website: Search for "RuPi Foradian - Download and start using 26 different glyphs for Indian Rupee... Read More »

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