How many zygomatic bones are in the human body?

Answer There are two zygomatic bones in the human body--one beneath and to the side of each eye. They form the bottom and side wall of the orbital orifice, and are also portions of the temporal and infrat... Read More »

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How many zygomatic bones does the human body have?

The human body has two zygomatic bones. These zygomatic arches are matching projections of bone on the skull under the eyes and connect to the temporal bones on the sides of the skull.Source:InnerB... Read More »

How many zygomatic bones are in the body?

The zygomatic or malar bones, make up part of the human cheek bones. They run just below the eye, and articulate against the maxilla, which is the bone that makes up the roof of our mouths. There a... Read More »

How many small bones are in the human body?

Defining "small bones" as the bones of the hands and feet, the hyoid bone, facial bones minus the mandible and auditory ossicles, the body has 126 small bones, according to the book "Principles of ... Read More »

How many named bones are in the adult human body?

Though babies are born with about 300 bones, the adult human body contains 206 bones. The discrepancy is because some bones and cartilage in an infant eventually fuse together to create a single bo... Read More »