How do you get rid of acne on young children My four year old son has had white heads for over seven months. I have tried skin cleansers but it hasn't helped. What should i do Thanks?

Answer If he is just four years old I suggest you get him examined by a doctor.

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Why do peanuts cause choking in small children?

Because the trachea is very tiny, so that type of food for children is very harmful.A way you can resolve a choking is by:Pom ping somebody on the abdominal decreases the volume of the chest cavity... Read More »

How to Stop Balloon, Food and Hard Candy Choking?

Balloons, hot dogs, marshmallows, peanuts, peanut butter, and hard candy are the leading cause of choking in children. Some advocates say children should not have these items. It is not necessarily... Read More »

What do you do if a 2 month year old baby is choking?

First yell for help and have someone quickly call an ambulance and preform the immediate Heimlich remover for babies.

Is there hope for a nine year old when she has been without oxygen to the brain for approximately 30 minutes due to choking?

Answer Some would argue that there is always hope, but from a practical standpoint it is doubtful. The body can continue to function with very little if any brain function. The higher functions,... Read More »