How many yellow crookneck squash in a pound?

Answer 2-3 medium-sized squash weigh one pound.

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Do crookneck yellow squash have false blooms?

Technically, the fruit of a crookneck yellow squash is considered an "epigynous berry," or "false berry," according to the New World Encyclopedia. However, the fruit is still quite real and should ... Read More »

What is a yellow squash?

Yellow squash refers to any of several squash varieties with yellow or golden skin, according to The Nibble, a magazine dedicated to specialty foods. Yellow squash varieties include crookneck, patt... Read More »

How to Grow Yellow Squash?

(Note: Please read the tips and warnings before attempting to grow!)Yellow Squash are fun to grow and harvest. Here's how:

How long do you boil yellow squash?

Yellow squash contain a lot of water, so boiling them is not a popular method, unlike grilling or roasting. But if you do boil them whole, poke holes in the flesh and cover them with water. Then b... Read More »