How many yellow crookneck squash in a pound?

Answer 2-3 medium-sized squash weigh one pound.

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Do crookneck yellow squash have false blooms?

Technically, the fruit of a crookneck yellow squash is considered an "epigynous berry," or "false berry," according to the New World Encyclopedia. However, the fruit is still quite real and should ... Read More »

What is a yellow squash?

Yellow squash refers to any of several squash varieties with yellow or golden skin, according to The Nibble, a magazine dedicated to specialty foods. Yellow squash varieties include crookneck, patt... Read More »

How far apart do you plant yellow squash?

Yellow squash, also known as summer squash, can be planted from early spring until midsummer. According to the University of Illinois, sow two to three seeds, in well-drained soil, 24 to 36 inches ... Read More »

How to Grow Yellow Squash?

(Note: Please read the tips and warnings before attempting to grow!)Yellow Squash are fun to grow and harvest. Here's how: