How many thousands of dollars make a million?

Answer There are one thousand thousands in $1 million. Understanding the number system using place value techniques and number lines can be helpful in solving problems such as this one. When we count in t... Read More »

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If a person won 55 million dollars in Calif lottry how would they actually take home?

You get around half if you want the payout. Then the federal government takes taxes out of that. You could be in the 20 million range, after taxes.

How many people have won one million dollars in Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

you have to have married parents and at least two siblings

How many people have won a million dollars on ''Who Wants to be a Millionaire''?

John Carpenter, Dan Blonsky, Joe Trela, Bob House, Kim Hunt, David Goodman, Kevin Olmstead, Bernie Cullen, Ed Toutant, Kevin Smith and Nancy Christy.There are two more if you count Robert "Bob O" E... Read More »