How many years will FAFSA supply financial aid for college tuition?

Answer FAFSA only determines your ELIGIBILITY for Federal and other aid. FAFSA does not determine what or how much aid you will actually receive - the financial aid office at your college determines that... Read More »

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How much does FAFSA pay for your college tuition?

There is no set percentage FAFSA gives out regardless of what you've heard. What FAFSA does count is how much money the school is giving so let's say that your school gives out $5,000 to you in fin... Read More »

How to Transfer Financial Aid Money to Pay for College Tuition?

There are several ways to pay for college tuiton and expenses. A student and her parents can set up a personal payment plan through the college or they can apply for private loans, usually through ... Read More »

If my EFC is 0, will the federal(state) financial aid cover all of my tuition?

No.An EFC score of zero tells you two certain things - that your financial aid application classifies you as a student who demonstrates "exceptional need", and that you will qualify for at least on... Read More »

Moving out for college - 16 Years old Financial help.?

First off, learn XHTML Strict, PHP, and JavaScript. (HTML is only the beginning.) AJAX, SQL is also useful.Second, 16 is pretty young to go to College. The first time I went was 17 and I had a nerv... Read More »