How many years were there from Adam to the Flood?

Answer According to, 1,656 years transpired from the time God created Adam to the Flood of Noah. The pre-flood years are known as antediluvian, according to Princeton University, and men bo... Read More »

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How many years ago were Adam& Eve created?

Most historians and scientists, and even many biblical scholars, do not believe Adam and Eve were literal human beings who existed at a definite point in the past. However, biblical scholars who do... Read More »

How many giant pandas were there 10 years ago?

No precise numbers exist for the turn of the 21st century, because pandas are elusive and hard to track. Researchers have conducted just three official panda counts since the 1970s. The 2004 count ... Read More »

How many years did Noah preach about the flood?

Noah preached about the flood for 100 years. In Genesis, Chapter 7:5-6, it says, "Noah did according to all the Lord commanded him." Noah was 500 when he received his orders from God and 600 when t... Read More »

How many people were injured in the Boscastle flood?

The severe flood that hit Boscastle, Cornwall on August 16, 2004 injured eight people. There was no flood warning issued, so the townspeople were caught by surprise when the heavy rains fell and ca... Read More »