How many years until you get a sports medicine degree?

Answer A sports medicine degree can take four to seven years depending on the area of specialization, required certification and career goals. Many entry-level positions can be obtained with a four year b... Read More »

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Schools With an Undergraduate Degree in Sports Medicine?

Whether you enjoy watching sports on television, volunteering and rooting for your local team or are planning to start a career in the sports field, consider enrolling in an undergraduate program i... Read More »

How many years until a series ee bond reaches its full value?

Series EE Bonds are governed by rules that vary depending on when they were purchased. Some have a 10-year maturity, and some have a 30-year maturity. All EE Savings Bonds post and pay their final ... Read More »

How many years until a Red Delicious apple tree bears fruit?

A Red Delicious apple tree will produce fruit in the range of four to 10 years. Fruit bearing greatly depends on a number of factors such as climate, location, pruning, health, soil and exact culti... Read More »

How many years is a law degree?

The most common law degree, a Juris Doctor, usually takes three years to complete as a full-time student. Some law schools offer part-time programs that take four to five years. Law schools that of... Read More »