How many years should a kitchen range last?

Answer The average range can last long as six years and some may last longer. Often, the only issue with range is that they are dirty. This can result in inefficient contact with the oven and can prevent ... Read More »

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What should we look for when buying a kitchen range?

On One Hand: Consider DesignWhen looking for the best kitchen range available, look for the design and figure out how that applies to your individual kitchen. A range might look like a good buy, bu... Read More »

Can a range be placed in a corner of the kitchen?

On One Hand: Ranges Can Be Placed in a CornerRanges and ovens can be placed in the corner of a kitchen. This positioning can save space and make working in a kitchen more efficient. If you'd like t... Read More »

How long does a kitchen range last?

Depends on the type, amount of use, upkeep & maintenance. Most should last at least ten years. I have seen some that lasted well over twenty.Depends on the type, amount of use, upkeep & maintenance... Read More »

What company makes the best kitchen range?

On One Hand: J.D. Power and Associates Chooses WhirlpoolIn an October, 2008 J.D. Power and Associates survey of freestanding ranges, Whirlpool Gold was the leader in overall satisfaction. Nearly 15... Read More »