How many years of jail can one get for elderly abuse?

Answer Jail sentences for elder abuse are contingent upon state laws that, for the most part, protect the elderly within law provisioned for adults with disabilities.HistoryThere is a limited amount of ca... Read More »

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How many years can you get in jail for child abuse?

Depends on how severe it is and where you live but the really bad cases is life in prison.

Can a mom revoke the parental rights of an abusive father who's always in jail who has been in jail almost 10 years of the child's life?

Answer The mother can petition the court to remove the rights, but she can't do it without a court order.

What is elderly abuse?

The National Center on Elder Abuse notes that while it does not know exactly what causes elder abuse problems and why the problems are spreading, being informed about the issue lets people know the... Read More »

If you are 15-years-old and your unborn baby's father is 18-years-old can he go to jail in the state of Florida?

AnswerNo, he can not. Your parents can press statitory rape, but unless you testify against him, he cannot*****Absolutely he can. He's committed a felony by having sex with you. The DA does need th... Read More »