How many years of jail can one get for elderly abuse?

Answer Jail sentences for elder abuse are contingent upon state laws that, for the most part, protect the elderly within law provisioned for adults with disabilities.HistoryThere is a limited amount of ca... Read More »

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How many years can you get in jail for child abuse?

Depends on how severe it is and where you live but the really bad cases is life in prison.

How many adults go to jail for child abuse?

not many at all. dcf is compleatly rediculas if u ask me. as a previos abusedd child they do nothing they come to the home and make matters worse. they do nothing but put more of a strain on the fa... Read More »

In les miserables how many years did jean valjean spend in jail?

How many years do you get for child abuse?

The criminal penalties for child abuse depend on many factors including: The state in which the child abuse occurred;The extent of the physical and / or mental injury of the child;Any permanent nat... Read More »