How many years of growth does it take before a paw paw can produce fruit?

Answer If you mean the Carica papaya, then in tropical climates this can be as little as 9 months from seedling stage to flowering. This extends in proportion to distance away from the tropics to become a... Read More »

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How many years does it take for an apple tree to produce fruit?

Depending on which variety of apple tree you plant, the average time for apple trees to start producing fruit is between three and five years. Apple trees that are not self-pollinators will need ot... Read More »

I planted 2 avocado trees 8 years ago & all I get is small bitter fruit. How long B 4 I get some good fruit?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.Let me guess, you planted them yourself from the pits of avocados you ate? Right? What you have are some very nice looking, fast growing avocado trees. but you have... Read More »

I have been growing clematis for a few years now the previous years growth?

It depends on what kind of clematis you have. Some such as Armandii, Alpina and Montana should not be pruned at all but can be trimmed immediately after flowering to tidy them up.Double and semi do... Read More »

In what month do pumpkins produce fruit?

Pumpkins are usually harvested before heavy frosts in late September or early October throughout much of the United States. Planting takes place between May and July, depending on the geographical ... Read More »