How many years does pluto take to orbit?

Answer Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun. Although traditional orbits are circular, Pluto follows an elliptical orbit, which means at times it is closer to the sun than Neptune. The last time this ha... Read More »

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How many moons orbit pluto?

Three moons orbit Pluto, a dwarf planet that was considered the ninth planet in the solar system until 2006, according to NASA. The largest moon, known as Charon, was found in 1979. In 2005, a grou... Read More »

Does Pluto always orbit beyond Neptune?

Most of Pluto's orbit lies farther away from the Sun than Neptune's orbit. But for a relatively brief 20-year period in its nearly 248 Earth-year orbit, Pluto's orbit carries it closer to the Sun t... Read More »

Does Pluto have a highly eccentric orbit?

Orbit eccentricity is measured on a scale between 0 and 1. Zero is a perfectly circular orbit, and 1 is an open parabolic trajectory no longer bound by a closed circle. Everything in between has va... Read More »

How long does it takes Earth to orbit Pluto?

Earth orbits the sun, not Pluto. Moreover, it would be impossible for Pluto to exert any gravitational pull on Earth. Gravity is a function of mass, and because Pluto has less than .24 percent of E... Read More »