How many years does it take to become a cosmetologist?

Answer Requirements for hours completed in cosmetology school vary from state to state. The average requirement is 1,500 hours, which is about 9 1/2 months of full-time (40 hours a week) enrollment.Refere... Read More »

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How many years are required to become a cosmetologist?

Cosmetologist training consists of a nine-month program that is completed through a state-licensed cosmetology school, vocational school or community college. Some community colleges offer two-year... Read More »

What can a cosmetologist do?

A cosmetologist is a professional who specializes in improving the personal appearance of individuals. These professionals can work in a variety of specialty areas, and often choose to focus their ... Read More »

What Are Some of the Goals of Becoming a Cosmetologist?

Cosmetologists provide numerous services to clients, including nail care, hair styling, and makeup and skin care assistance. Individuals enter the field for a variety of reasons, seeking a career ... Read More »

How much does a cosmetologist get paid?

As of June 2010, the PayScale Report states that cosmetologists earn a base hourly rate of $7.53 to $11.14 per hour, with tips of $1.43 to $3.93 and overtime of $9.88 to $14.91. With annual bonuses... Read More »