How many years does it take a fig tree to bear fruit?

Answer AnswerFigs bear in their first year after planting, and usually produce two crops, in the Summer and in the Fall. Also Figtrees bear Figs before the tree has leaves, if you see a fig tree with leav... Read More »

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How many years does it take for a fig tree to bear fruit?

A fig tree must pass through its juvenile period before it can bear fruit, which can take up to five years. Once a fig tree begins to produce fruit, it will typically do so twice a year, in the spr... Read More »

What fruit does a cedar tree bear?

The cedar family produces varied types of fruit depending on the species of cedar. Red cedar has fruit berries with a seed pit. White cedar trees have clusters of small cones. The blue atlas cedar ... Read More »

When does a cocoa tree bear fruit?

A cocoa tree will often bear fruit five years after its seed is planted. Most cocoa trees reach optimal fruit production after ten years, and they can produce fruit for up to 40 years.Source:World ... Read More »

How often does a grapefruit tree bear fruit?

A grapefruit tree (Citrus X paradise) is an evergreen tree that bears fruit each year once it reaches maturity. The round, yellow-skinned fruit ripens in September and October. The fruit can be sto... Read More »