How many years does a drug patent last?

Answer In the United States a drug patent is a law that protects the maker of a drug from having the intellectual rights of the drug copied. The current time frame for a drug patent is 20 years after the ... Read More »

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Can someone who has a drug conviction in their past adopt a child in the state of Texas I am married own my own home and am drug free for 4 years now?

AnswerAdoption in America is so hard, it takes forever, some people wait two years or more. They put you through the ringer and then some. I would see what the application asks for, if you werent e... Read More »

How long is a drug's patent time?

In most cases drug patents expire after 20 years, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When a drug patent's time expires, companies other than the original manufacturer can make, of... Read More »

My boyfriend has smoked everyday for a couple years, and has a drug test monday HELP!!?

You can't keep it from showing up on the test. Avoid the test if possible. Otherwise, how about this -- live with the consequences of your choices.But then, avoiding living with your own choices... Read More »

If a parent has been absent for 4 years of a child's life can visitation be granted to that person despite his drug abuse and criminal history?

Answer This is certainly a difficult question and it's obvious you are very concerned about the child and well you should be. If the father has cleaned up his act (for sure) and made a valiant eff... Read More »