How many years do you have to serve as a reservist in the Marine Corps?

Answer You must enlist for a minimum of eight years in the Marine Corps Reserves. This includes a varying combination of active drill duty and ready reserve duty, such as four years of each or five years ... Read More »

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What is Marine Corps Reservist?

A member of the Marine Corps Reserves.

How many people serve in the U.S. Marine Corps?

The U.S. Marine Corps ended fiscal year 2009 with 202,786 active-duty troops, plus 309 reservists who had mobilized long enough to count as active-duty personnel, under Marine Corps regulations. Th... Read More »

How long does the Commandant of the Marine Corps serve?

The term is four years, which may be extended by four years. From the U.S. Code Title 10, Section 5043(a)(1):The Commandant shall be appointed for a term of four years from the general officers of... Read More »

How many years does a U.S. Representative serve?

Upon election, a U.S. Representative serves a term of two years. Representatives can then run for re-election. The House of Representatives does not place a cap on the number of terms served.Source... Read More »