How many years do you go to collage to become a OBGYN.?

Answer Answer As many as it takes you to spell college right ;) just kidding. It should really depend on the persons abilities. If they can handle a heavy course load or if they need to take it at a slowe... Read More »

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OBGYN-vey....Ladies do you prefer a male or female OBGYN?

Male....if he is poking around down there, it better be a big fingered man and he should moan my name too....for best results xxx

How many years of collage does it take to work for NASA?

How many years do you have to go to collage to be a coast guard?

Yes, unfortunately after Tupac and Eazy-e died. Hopefully it can come back but it hasn't. There really isn't a lot of active well known west coast rappers now except for The Game(I think he actuall... Read More »

How many years do you go to collage for a marine biologist?

4 Undergraduate 2 years for Masters in Marine Bio6 for PhD