How many years do littered glass, plastic and aluminum containers last?

Answer Plastic containers do not start decomposing until they are about 1,000 years old; glass may take millions of years or may never decompose; and aluminum cans take 80 to 200 years to begin decomposin... Read More »

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Plastic Vs. Glass Dishes?

When you're entertaining, choosing between plastic and glass dishes is one of the first and most important decisions you'll make. Both plastic and glass have their specific benefits. Whether you're... Read More »

Melted plastic off glass stove top?

Judi, When the hob is cold, one way would be to use an unused safety edged razor blade....the type that have just one sharp edge and the opposite edge is covered by a small metal strip, so you can ... Read More »

Is there plastic in tempered glass microwaveable cookware?

Tempered glass is glass that has been heated to a temperature of more than 600 degrees Celsius (1,112 degrees Fahrenheit) and then cooled extremely rapidly. No plastic is used in the process of man... Read More »

Do you usually drink out of plastic cups or glass ones at home?