How many years do I have to file my taxes?

Answer You must file taxes each year if you have earned income during the previous year. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), however, can collect up to 10 years of unpaid tax debts. Tax refunds can be fil... Read More »

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How many years back can I file taxes?

A tax return should be filed within 3 years of a return due date for any refunds due to the taxpayer. Additionally, if a taxpayer refuses to file returns, IRS employees will file one in their absen... Read More »

How many years do you have to wait to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy lets the debtor wipe out unsecured debt immediately, so it has the longest wait of any chapter. You must let eight years lapse between Chapter 7 filings and six years if you pr... Read More »

How do I file taxes for previous years?

People neglect to file income taxes for many reasons, most notably the inability to pay at a given time. However, these taxes may add up over the years and burden the taxpayer with a large sum that... Read More »

How to File Taxes on Multiple Years' Social Security Benefits?

For a variety of reasons, taxpayers may neglect to file timely income tax returns. If tax is owed on a return, failure to file can lead to owing the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, back taxes plu... Read More »