After Dick York's illness he was replaced on Bewitched by Dick Sargent What role did they both play?

Answer Darrin StephensABC aired episodes with limited screen time from Dick York, during the summer of 1969. When the new episodes with Dick Sargent began to air, some viewers didn't notice the change at ... Read More »

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How many years did Sam Waterson play on Law and Order?

Sam Waterson, as Jack McCoy, appeared in 368 (of 456) episodes of Law and Order, from 'Second Opinion', originally aired September 21, 1994 to 'Rubber Room', originally aired May 24, 2010. That's a... Read More »

What years did Roger Staubach play for the Naval Academy?

Answer Roger Staubach's football career at the Naval Academy spanned 1962-1964.

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