How many years can you live with aids?

Answer On One Hand: Medical Science Has AdvancedA person newly infected with HIV can live a long and healthy life as long as he has access to anti-retroviral drugs and leads a healthy life. HIV treatments... Read More »

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Your son is 16 he does not want to ever live with his dad again his dad has custody of him but he has been living with you for 2 years now can the father make him come live with him?

AnswerYes, if his dad has custody of him. You might need to go to court again to get custody of your son, so he won't have to live with his dad. Good luck and God Bless:)

How long can a person live with hiv/aids?

Untreated, nearly everyone infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) eventually develops acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), but people can live with the virus for many years, esp... Read More »

How long do people live with AIDS?

Life expectancy for people diagnosed with AIDS can be as long as 69 years for patients who seek immediate medical treatment. Medical developments since 2000 are increasing life expectancies from di... Read More »

I'm 17 years old and live in an abusive house with my dad in California but want to live with my aunt even though my dad doesnt want me to what should I do?

Answer Talk to your dad about it.Try and make him understand why you want move out.If that doesn't work pray and contact your aunt and let her come over and talk to him..