How many years are vegtable seeds good for?

Answer It depends on the type of vegetable and the conditions in which they are kept. Percentage viability will always drop off over the years.

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What Annual Flower Seeds Will Germinate After Many Years?

Plants live to produce seeds and their seeds can often lay dormant in the soil for decades, buried too deeply to germinate. Once the land is disturbed by digging, plowing or development, the seeds ... Read More »

Is a potato a vegtable?

The potato is a vegetable.According to Wikipedia:"The potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a perennial plant of the Solanaceae, or nightshade, family, commonly grown for its starchy tuber. Potatoes are th... Read More »

Is a tomato a fruit or vegtable?

fruit. it has seeds. all fruits have seeds.

I'd like to make a slimming world vegtable soup! any recipe ideas please?

Ingredients:onion 1carrot 1celery 1cabbage 1 cupgarlic 2 clovessalt pepper some fresh herbsMETHOD:In a pan add some vegetable oil,fry the crushed garlic and chopped onions,when the onion becomes tr... Read More »