How many years ago did the first hominids appear?

Answer As of April 2010, the National Science Foundation reports the oldest hominid fossils, Australopithicus sediba, at 2 million years old, and discovered in South Africa. The dates at which hominids fi... Read More »

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How many years ago were protists first found in the fossil records?

Protists are eukaryotes, organisms with cells that have nuclei and membrane-enclosed organelles like mitochondria. The oldest eukaryote fossils are about 2.1 billion years old. These early single-c... Read More »

How many college football coaches have won 80 games in their first 8 years?

According to records compiled by the College Football Data Warehouse, nine college football coaches earned 80 or more wins in their first eight seasons. The coaches are Fielding Yost, Walter Camp, ... Read More »

How to appear on TV at 20 years old?

You could do something really stupid on a skateboard and gain notoriety, then use that as a platform for the rest. Works like a charm.

When did the first motorcycle first appear on the road?

On the 2007 TV series Reaper, the main character is a bounty hunter for the Devil.