How many yards of material does it take to make a quilt?

Answer Quilts come in a variety of patterns and sizes. Using a quilt pattern will give you yardages for the specific design you want to make. If you are making a whole-cloth quilt (one that is not patchwo... Read More »

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How many yards of fleece does it take to make an adult no-sew blanket?

You will need 2 yards of each color of polar or blizzard fleece to make an adult no-sew fleece blanket. You will need two different colors, one for the front of the blanket and one for the back for... Read More »

How many yards of leather does it take to make one pair of shoes?

While pattern, style and size can radically alter the amount of leather required to make a shoe, there is no reason that most leather shoes should require more than 1 yard of material to fabricate.... Read More »

How many yards does it take to upholster a sofa?

It takes between 10 to 15 yards of fabric to upholster a sofa. The amount may be more or less, depending on both the size of the sofa and the number of cushions to recovered.Source:Decorator Supply... Read More »

How much material is needed to make a queen size quilt?

A queen sized quilt is a quilt that measures 90 x 102 inches. You will need 3 1/4 yards for the quilt back, and between 3 1/2 and 6 yards of fabric for the front, depending on your quilt pattern. C... Read More »