How many yards of concrete do you need for a project 40 by 17 by 4 inches?

Answer approx. 74 yardsSorry, Dabar, but I think you have not accounted for the conversion of cu. feet to cubic calculations are as follows......40 X 17 is equal to 680 cubic FEET of area.You t... Read More »

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How many yards of fabric do I need for 9 panels 72 inches wide by 64 inches high?

You need to provide more information about the fabric, specifically the width of the goods and the direction of the pattern. That's the short and unsatisfying answer. The long answer: IF the pa... Read More »

How many yards in 120 inches?

1 yard = 3 feet, so 120 inches = 1 yard (120/12 = 3)

How to Convert Inches Into Square Yards for a Carpet?

Carpeting is usually sold in square footage or square yardage, but if you have room measurements in only inches, you are not completely out of luck. By taking the linear measurements, you can calcu... Read More »

How many yards of fabric is needed for 81 inches of curtains?

There are 36 inches to one yard of fabric. If you can only purchase fabric by whole yards, you will need 3 yards for 81 inches of curtains. If you can purchase partial yards, take into account any ... Read More »