Bolt of carpet that is 99 yards long and 12 feet wide How many square yards is this?

Answer there are 3 ft in a yard so the carpet is 4 yards wide (12/3=4) and if it is 99 yards long the square yards are (4 * 99) which is: 396 square yards

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When planting tulips how many inches do you barry them?

Right the rule of thumb, is you plant a bulb three times its depth, I would suggest you Start with this and see how they do, but remember where you have planted them, as you don't wont to dig them ... Read More »

How many square yards is 120 ft by 60 ft?

120 ft * 60 ft = 120/3 yards * 60/3 yards = 40 yds * 20 yds = 800 sq yards.

How many yards are in a ton of topsoil?

The weight and volume of topsoil vary, according to season and weather conditions. In wet weather, the soil will weigh more and be denser. In dry seasons, it will weigh less and be less dense. On a... Read More »

How many sq yards in 51 sq feet?

51 square feet is 5.67 square yards