How many worksheets can be in a workbook?

Answer According to Microsoft, the number of sheets in a workbook such as Excel (as well the number of open workbooks) is limited by the available memory. However, a worksheet size maxes out at 65,536 row... Read More »

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How many worksheets can I include in an Excel workbook?

According to Microsoft Office Online, in Excel 2003 or 2007, the worksheet limits are defined by how much memory you have in your computer, not by the program itself. The default is three worksheet... Read More »

How to Share a Workbook?

Microsoft Excel, sometimes known as Microsoft Office Excel, is Microsoft's proprietary spreadsheet management software. You can use Microsoft Excel to analyze, interpret and arrange data. Sometimes... Read More »

How do I unlock a workbook?

Log on to your computer and open your spreadsheet program. Click on the "File" menu and choose "Open."Navigate to the spreadsheet you wish to unlock and click "Open." Type the password to open the ... Read More »

What Is a Photo Workbook?

A Photo workbook is a tool used by photography educators to guide their students through specific assignments teaching them the concepts and elements of photography. Noella Ballenger says that the ... Read More »