If i type a bunch of words with only capital letters how do I change these words to lowercase letters?

Answer it depend what programme you used, in microsoft office word which i use there is an icon for this. if the document is not too long you can backspace each letter and substitute it's lower case equiv... Read More »

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Could You Make A Scientific Method On Soda ?

Conduct an experiment with a group of twenty or more. Heres an example: Divide the group in half, and give each group #1 person a small cup of pepsi and give each person in group #2 a small cup of ... Read More »

What words can you make out of these letters c c I I n o?

What words can you make with the letters F K L N O O Q?

1. FOOL2. LOON3. ON4. LOK5. NOOK6. NO7. FON8. LONKand thats all i can find if you find another more please tell me it on the discussion page. thanks!!! :-PP.S. if you dont believe some of the words... Read More »

How to Make Words From Letters Using a Program?

If you have a set of random letters that you want to use to form words, you can use an anagram generator to do it for you. An anagram is a type of wordplay where you combine a group of letters in d... Read More »