How many words are in the English vocabulary?

Answer According to, the English lexicon has about 250,000 specific words. You can add another 750,000 if you include senses, such as words used as adjectives or verbs, to make the total abo... Read More »

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Useful Vocabulary Words?

The main reason to develop a good vocabulary is to be able to communicate clearly and precisely the ideas you wish to communicate. It's not necessary to know a lot of large and obscure words in ord... Read More »

How to Use Vocabulary Words?

Expanding your vocabulary helps to clarify the way you communicate. By using more specific words you can streamline your speech and still get your point across. As a writer, you can spice up your p... Read More »

Games for Vocabulary Words?

Teaching vocabulary words to children can be challenging, as they must remember spelling and meaning. However, children will benefit from games that allow them to expand their vocabulary and spelli... Read More »

How to Remember 10 Vocabulary Words in One Day?

Regardless of how many words are in your vocabulary, there's always room to learn more. Enriching your vocabulary has a myriad of benefits. When you know more words, you can easily describe situati... Read More »