How many wood studs do you need per foot of wall?

Answer Building codes require wood studs to be spaced 16 to 24 inches on-center, depending on stud thickness and wall load. An interior non-load bearing partition wall measuring 12 linear feet with studs ... Read More »

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How many studs are in a wall?

The number of studs in a wall depends on the length of the wall. Typically, studs are placed every 4 feet because standard construction materials used for creating walls comes in 4-foot-by-8-foot s... Read More »

How many inches are between wall studs?

According to standard practice, wall studs, the two by four or two by six vertical framing lumber used to build walls, are spaced on 16-inch centers. To find center, measurements are taken from the... Read More »

How would you mount a TV to a wall that does not have those studs in back of the wall?

I'm very surprised that you would have a wall with no studs in it. Then again, maybe you're mounting it over a fireplace or something that's more of a soffit than a wall.I also wonder what kind of ... Read More »

How to Cut Wall Studs?

Stud boards help support walls and give you a place to hang heavy objects, but sometimes they are damaged by pests or rotted by dry rot and moisture. Not only can this look unattractive if it sprea... Read More »