How many wood studs do you need per foot of wall?

Answer Building codes require wood studs to be spaced 16 to 24 inches on-center, depending on stud thickness and wall load. An interior non-load bearing partition wall measuring 12 linear feet with studs ... Read More »

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How would you mount a TV to a wall that does not have those studs in back of the wall?

I'm very surprised that you would have a wall with no studs in it. Then again, maybe you're mounting it over a fireplace or something that's more of a soffit than a wall.I also wonder what kind of ... Read More »

How far apart are wall studs?

Wall studs are usually 2-by-4 inch boards placed 16 inches apart, according to the generally accepted wood framing standards of the American Wood Council. In single-story structures or non-load-bea... Read More »

How to Cut Wall Studs?

Stud boards help support walls and give you a place to hang heavy objects, but sometimes they are damaged by pests or rotted by dry rot and moisture. Not only can this look unattractive if it sprea... Read More »

How many studs are in a wall?

The number of studs in a wall depends on the length of the wall. Typically, studs are placed every 4 feet because standard construction materials used for creating walls comes in 4-foot-by-8-foot s... Read More »