Why do women wear thongs and then flash it all the time Wear proper knickers please!!!?

Answer being a woman myself i never wear thongs they are the most uncomfortable underwear around i have no idea why girls like to go around with a strip of elastic wedged up their buttmost women appear to... Read More »

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If women can wear boxers, then why can't men wear thongs?

they can if they want...i dont imagine it would be too comfortable though

Women's question: Do you find wearing thongs uncomfortable and do you wear them?

I always wear them, i find them more comfortable than full briefs, i hate it when full ones ride up your butt cheek.

How do you ask your dad to let you wear thongs?

Don't worry about panty lines I like to show off my panty lines and so dose my husband we both like to wear bikinis that show off our panties lines.

Im a boy and i like to wear thongs?

Im a boy and i like to wear bras. I like that warm comfortable and supportful feel against my hard erect nipples. So comfy feel good and it really looks good on me. Makes my pecs look bigger. No ne... Read More »