How many women get implantation bleeding?

Answer In general, 1 in 3 women do but every woman is different

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Implantation bleeding or period?

So you were spotting not really bleeding. If it was dark or brown blood that is old blood and sex can bring that out. That could be for a variety of reasons. Heck your cervix could simply be irrita... Read More »

What does implantation bleeding look like and how long does it last?

What is implantation bleeding?Implantation bleeding occurs when a fertilised egg attaches itself to the wall of the womb. During implantation the tissue surrounding the fertilised egg burrows into ... Read More »

How to Recognize Implantation Bleeding?

Implantation bleeding may be an early sign of pregnancy in approximately 1/3 of all women who conceive. The fertilized egg travels down the Fallopian tube and into the uterus, where it implants int... Read More »

Implantation Bleeding or Spotting How do I know the difference?

implantation bleeding is usually lighter, and more brown - hence the egg has implanted and the blood you are seeing is old, making it brown...It can carry on for several days, like a VERY light per... Read More »