How many women die of breast cancer?

Answer The National Cancer Institute website reports that approximately 40,610 people die of breast cancer each year. Men account for 440 of the people who succumb to breast cancer annually.SourceNational... Read More »

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Since Men statistically get cancer more often then women, why is all the importance put on breast cancer only?

well i get tired hearing about breast cancer..since its oct it makes since but all year long thr are doing awareness/ fundraising.i don't think its fair. you never hear about fundrasing for lung ca... Read More »

Why Only Women Get Breast Cancer But Men Don't?

Tell your grand mother that men also get breast cancer and some other cancer which women does not get. Please read my blog which I wrote on Yahoo-360 some time back, on this subject which I am appe... Read More »

Can a man develope breast cancer like women do?

Yes, men can get breast cancer, although it is much more rare in men than in women.The few men who had the disease I met during my own breast cancer treatment usually told folks they had some other... Read More »

Why did women not get breast cancer 50 years ago?

The researcher indicated that if the Chinese females do not step up to lose weight, the control drinking wine quantity, in the coming years, they will contract breast cancer's probability possibly ... Read More »