Why do pregnant women act as if they were the only women in the world to have ever carried a child?

Answer And this effects you how?You haven't struck a nerve, i understand your point, i have had to sit through 3 pregnancies of my friends while my husband and I have had nothing but trouble getting pregn... Read More »

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How many women abusers are there in the world right now?

There are no true statistics on how many women abusers there are in even in one country and certainly not in the world because abused men, children or the elderly seldom report that women abuse the... Read More »

Were are the prettiest women in the world?

Is it just me or is paris hilton the best looking women in the world ever!!!?

sorry to disagree, but no, i think she looks like a horse

Which country has the sexiest women in the world?

1) Trinidad and Tobago2) Puerto Rico (I know it is a commonwealth and not a country per se, but PR women are sex) 3) India4) Brazil