How many children did King Henry VIII have?

Answer England's King Henry VIII had three legitimate children: Mary (Queen Mary I), Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth I) and Edward (King Edward VI). It is also generally believed that he had one or two illeg... Read More »

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How to Tell Henry VIII's Wives Apart?

You don't have to sing that dreadful song to learn how many wives Henry VIII had. You don't have to remember them by which he killed, (two). Despite the fact that he married three Katherines, (with... Read More »

How to Remember Henry VIII's Wives by Their Initials?

The first letter of the first name and then the second. Then what happened to them...

How many children did Muhammad Ali have& how many wives?

Legendary fighter Muhammad Ali is the father of nine children. He was married four times. He first married Sonia Roi. With second wife Belinda Boyd, he had three daughters and a son. With third wif... Read More »

How many wives did Walt Disney have?

Walt Disney had one wife. Her name was Lillian Bounds, and they married on July 13, 1925, at Lewiston's Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Idaho. The marriage ended in 1966 when Walt Disney died o... Read More »