How to Tell Henry VIII's Wives Apart?

Answer You don't have to sing that dreadful song to learn how many wives Henry VIII had. You don't have to remember them by which he killed, (two). Despite the fact that he married three Katherines, (with... Read More »

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How to Remember Henry VIII's Wives by Their Initials?

The first letter of the first name and then the second. Then what happened to them...

What did women wear for sanitary protection in Henry the eighth's time?

Women in the time of King Henry VIII did not wear anything to control menstrual bleeding. Menstrual fluid was allowed to flow freely. It is possible that long skirts were worn to hide this blood ... Read More »

A question for army wives and other military wives?

First, your friend wouldn't be going to Iraq. Families do not go on deployments, only accompanied tours. (Well that's the simple version. There are so many different kinds of tours, deployments, de... Read More »

When Henry finds out who his dad is, why did Charming say that Regina was Henry's step grandmother?

Because Regina is Snow White's step mother. Remember how she married Snow's dad to become Queen?Really Regina is Henry's step great grandmother. Henry (Son) - Emma (Mom) - Snow (Grandma) - Regina (... Read More »