How many wiki websites are there?

Answer A LOTThat is like answering the question, how many sites are on the web. Wikis are created everyday.(maybe not as big as Wikipedia)

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How to Find Many Wiki Websites on the Web?

Wiki, wiki, wiki. So many Wikis in the world. You know they are out there but... can't find them. What should you do? Read this article on how to do it!

How many "" related websites are there and can you give me a complete list?

IFY - (I Effed You) http://ieffedyou.comMLIG - My Life is G

What does wiki mean, as in wikileaks It's also used in wikipedia, is there something in common there?

"Wiki" is a Hawaiian word, meaning "quick".Nowadays, it is generally used as a noun to mean "any website where members collaborate together to improve the website", especially for collaborative enc... Read More »

Why are there ads on wiki?

I don't see any ads. Have you tried another browser, or tried disabling some of the plug-ins for your browser?