How many weeks does a dog stay pregnant?

Answer The average canine pregnancy lasts nine weeks. According to, the size of the puppy litter can shorten or lengthen the dog's pregnancy. Pregnant dogs often give birth to large litters of... Read More »

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How many weeks can a yorkie terrier stay pregnant?

According to Paws & Claws veterinarian hospital in Texas, gestation in Yorkshire terriers lasts nine weeks and the dog will deliver puppies at 58-68 days. The American Kennel Club recommends havin... Read More »

How long does a woman stay pregnant with twins?

just as long as a singleton pregnancy. most women have their twins at any where from 36-38 weeks. and most have c-sections

How long does a woman stay moody for when she is pregnant?

If a woman has had an absence of discharge for a couple of weeks does this mean she is pregnant?

Answer No it doesn't. During pregnancy a woman has a increase in vaginal discharge, not a absence in it.++++Well, yes, it could be. After my period, around my ovulation time, I had very little dis... Read More »