If a woman had intercourse 3 weeks before period date and it has been 2 weeks since without a cycle starting are they pregnant?

Answer Answer The only way to know for sure is to get a home pregnancy test. They work.

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I am flying a pregnant woman and her husband to the US from Sweden and she's going to be 33 weeks pregnant when they leave how can I get her insured while she's here?

Can a woman be 12 weeks pregnant&not know?

On One Hand: Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy Should Be ObviousAccording to, at 12 weeks pregnant, a woman will typically begin to notice her waist getting thicker and her stomach exp... Read More »

How many weeks does a dog stay pregnant?

The average canine pregnancy lasts nine weeks. According to, the size of the puppy litter can shorten or lengthen the dog's pregnancy. Pregnant dogs often give birth to large litters of... Read More »

Can a pregnant woman feel a lump in her stomach at four weeks?

No, generally speaking a woman can not feel anything at four weeks, it is too early. Feeling the fetus in stomach or feeling of baby movement differ from women to women. But there are some other sy... Read More »