How many weeks before labour?

Answer Answer 40 weeks or 10 months.

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You are 38 weeks pregnant and been on medication since 16 weeks to prevent premature labour. the medication has now stopped and you are two centimetres dilated what will happen now?

AnswerShe will probably deliver soon. Good luck to her and God Bless:)AnswerOnce a pregnancy reaches 37 weeks it is considered at term and things are allowed to progress normally. All other thing... Read More »

After 2 weeks of labour is the baby dead?

please elaborate...what do you mean by labor, for 2 weeks? Labor doesnt kill a baby, so if one is really in labor for 2 weeks, ( which I've never heard of) there's no reason for a baby to be dead. ... Read More »

40 weeks pregnant and two cm dilated how soon will i go into labour?

Yes! But there are options available to help anesthetize the mother during labor and the delivery. Talk with your OB about the options available for you and make sure you know the pros and cons of ... Read More »

Does stretch and sweep induce labour at 39 weeks?

Sweeping Membranes / Stretch & SweepSweeping the membranes involves your medical carer gently separating the membranes from the cervix by vaginal exam. This may be a little uncomfortable for some w... Read More »